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Small-Works: maintenance and repairs

We understand that the smaller and more fiddly projects are often the hardest to get done. Whether it’s a DIY job you’ve been putting off or an alteration you’re not confident to do yourself, our multiskilled small-works team will be delighted to help.

Our team tackles a wide range of jobs as varied as roof repairs, moving sockets and redecorating, knocking through rooms, and plumbing and re-tiling. We bring our experience in delivering high-quality renovations, extensions and refurbishments to your smaller projects.

We offer an end-to-end service without the need for separate tradespeople. You can depend on us for a reliable and collaborative service, with outstanding attention to detail.

Our small-works team operates in South West and Central London, and Surrey.

We pride ourselves on our good-value and transparent pricing. Please complete this form to receive a cost-estimate.

If you are planning smaller, non-urgent alterations or home repairs, we will be delighted to help.

Please complete this form and we’ll get in touch within 72 business hours to provide a personalised cost-estimate. We charge £75 an hour for our labour, or £500 a day for longer projects. We source materials at cost +20%. A site-visit investigation may be required depending on the project. Our cost are subject to VAT.

If you’re not able to complete the form, please contact us at or 0203 576 0920.

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